Yellow Brick Road

After watching a creepy countdown on young girls being kidnapped and vanishing into thin air on E! last night, I came across this really great article. Safety Tips for Women (and men, too!) Be safe out there, folks! On a more cheerful note, who else has a celeb-crush on Freckles... aka.. Evangeline Lilly from Lost? She's peeking out of my bag from the cover of one of my favorite Elle magazine issues (May 2006). I need to buy Lost Season 4...... haven't seen it yet. I need to have it.

Trash & Luxury t-shirt. Gap shorts. Vintage Vest and Beret. Forever 21 sunglasses. Ash wedges. Target bag.

You're listening to: Pink Martini - Brazil

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TringulaDating 10/22/2009 08:28

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Nicole M. 09/06/2009 20:53

This is so NYLON my favorite non-Grocery store magazine U KILLED IT. :)

myvogue 08/26/2009 14:55

That's a very cute outfit! But probably I would wear it with white shoes. And I love the hat!

amber 08/22/2009 03:07

moving to florida soon, would love to meet and hang out. :D
super cute blog!