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Went to a friend's Birthday party last night in my new Forever 21 dress. I am in love, lust, fascination over this hot pink, zipper dream filled dress. Two-parts 80's, One-part Kelly Kapowski, and One-Part Hawaiian Princess. To give it an even more nitty-gritty 80's attitude I threw on my favorite vintage black studded messenger bag and slipped into some seriously Matrix bondage heels.. On another note, I just learned today (from my very informative twitter followers, thank you!) that caffeine is actually good for curing a terrible headache, yet another Pro to add to my list of why I love (and need) coffee on a daily basis...

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I actually picked out the dress because of the vibrancy that the hot pink gave off, as well as the mix of both tough and pretty factoring into the fit and overall silhouette. Yes there were plenty of ruffles and frills, but there was something "tough" about it too, and very, very 80's; so of course, I just had to get it.

The dress also didn't scream Forever 21 as much as it screamed every label I ever lusted over: Alexander Wang, Herve Leger, Topshop, and even Helmut Lang. All this under $30? A deal of a deal of a deal! :]

Forever 21 dress. Vintage Bag. Qupid heels.

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Noor V.S 04/24/2010 20:59

I like that dress is amazing! ♥

Elizabete 08/22/2009 14:19

Everything about the outfit I love.

♥ fashion chalet 08/21/2009 10:37

Oh....dear me - Thank you!! :) I couldn't find where to leave youa comment in your blog. But LOVE it and am super excited for Season 3 of Gossip girl too! ;)

Oh...dear me 08/21/2009 08:53

You look beautiful and little edgy love it!

Anonymous 08/18/2009 13:30