Hey, Mickey!

Been on a Brazilian music and OC DVD box set fix lately. I miss Marissa, Summer, Seth, Ryan, Luke, Sandy, Kirsten (and yes, Oliver too!) Above all, I miss craving a cream cheese bagel whenever Sandy Cohen reaches for one on the show, that and dry cereal á la Ryan Attwood.

The OC, Season 1, "The Secret"

(Discussing Danny)
Sandy: Whoa, that kid is not funny.
Seth: Thank you. I know.
Sandy: He makes Ryan look funny
Seth: He makes Marissa look funny.
Sandy: Gentiles. I love your mother more than words, but not funny. Get yourself some funnier friends.

(Gap denim jacket. Disney Couture tee. Vintage skirt. Urban Outfitters gladiator sandals.)

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Patty Ann 08/21/2009 02:27

great skirt!! that's some serious vintage!

xx Patty Ann

Anna Pope 08/20/2009 11:24

The Mickey tee and the skirt - the perfect unusual yet chic combination ever!!

monkey toes 08/19/2009 23:39

so yeah ive got both mickey tee and denim jacket... now i'm *inspired*;P

nice combo anyways ;)

Rosanna 08/19/2009 13:33

such a great combination!!!

(i miss the OC so much too!)

Anonymous 08/17/2009 18:45

love your blog!

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