The Countdown

Collaging; it's been a while, Oui? OK, so here you go. I tried my very best to compile my latest obsessions du jour into muse board collage format for you guys. Alexa Chung is mighty high on the list; I find her adorable, just oodles and oodles of cuteness. She totally reminds me of Ramona Quimby from the Beverly Clearly book series; all legs and cute wit. Devon Aoki started my hot as flames model crush in The Fast and The Furious with her hot pink ultra cool car race scenes; this editorial by Camilla Akrans is high in my list of faves. Hot pink is also top knotch with me lately. And Hanky Panky's sexy little bright under things had me at hello. Other A-listers? Isabel Lucas, coincidentally pretty in pink; Carmen Kass in cool boots at the beach; red bags; Acne and their platformed, mirrored and extremely ingenious wedges; frilly bows; Hana Soukupova in a Carrie Bradshaw tutu; Natalia Vodianova channeling Alice in Wonderland; Ali Stephens; Mink Pink; long hair; Alexander Wang, and lastly, pretty things.

Sources: all images taken from various fashion blogs via the fashion spot; Collage: by me.

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♥ fashion chalet 08/07/2009 20:48

Yes, same here ^ Nata :] I cannot wait, was just talking about the film with my cousins last night. It looks like it will be amazingly good, and Bambi, Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty are just some of my favorite Disney classics. ;]

Nata 08/07/2009 20:21

I also love Alice in Wonderland, I cannot wait for the Tim Burton version coming in 2010. (:
I'm such a disney nerd, btw.
And I've collected all the classics from cinderella, to snow white, bambi, etc.

caylee 08/07/2009 01:48

ahh i just now got to see this but it was totally worth it. i vote for a collage everyday! =)

Le français parisien 08/06/2009 01:57

Love your collage!