We Will Become Silhouettes

As some of you may already know, via Twitter, I am having piles of fun with my new iPod Touch. So far I've dabbled a little with TwitterFon, Tap Tap Revenge2, Google Earth and Facebook apps. Any other good ones I should be looking into? Thanks to Weardrobe and Urban Outfitters for my burn out top by Dirty Violet. Last night I watched Ratatouille for the second time this week. My next adventure? Trying to tackle the recipe that is Ratatouille. I've also gotten really caught up in Tumblr lately. This weekend I have high hopes of going to a water park and/or seeing either Pixar's Up or Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince; extremely (e x t r e m e l y) excited for the latter.

Top: Urban Outfitters. Tennis Skirt: Nike. Sparkle Headband: DIY. Boots: Sam Edelman. Nail Color: Greenport by Essie.

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^ That's funny :)

I'm always told I look a lot younger because of my long hair. How old did you think I was? I'm 26 going on 27... ;)

Love your blog! But I must say, a haircut would suit you well. The long hair tends to make you look older than you are.
xo, Leah
^ awwe,

wow, thanks Eka!! :)
Thank you for your lovely comment at my blog! =) Love your blog too, you're simply gorgeous, and that shoes too! xx

Eka Nazhwa
That top is too great, and looks lovely with that skirt. I think my favourite though is the SHOES! Wow!