Southern Belle

Goodbye July and Hello August! The sparkly red bow in my hair was the firecracker to my July. You can find it along with other equally creative designs by Lisa Kathryn here (

I was so excited to debut this Vintage find of a skirt, I altered the hem (made it shorter and then gave it a higher waist fit) I gathered the extra fabric in back to make a sort of bouffant poof. Sometimes making something old become new again is more fun than dropping a few hundred bones on the latest trend. Deciding to pair the finished look with my " Givenchy " heels (could almost be twins in design) just seemed right.

You are listening to Take My Breathe Away by Hollywood, Mon Amour. I love this song, originally by Berlin, and every other cover or remix out there. It's such a romantic "in love" with someone song.

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Motel body con lace back dress. Vintage / DIY skirt. Promise cage heels. Vintage clutch. (LisaKathryn) Hair Clip.

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obat kencing nanah 01/18/2015 17:27

Porcelain Blonde 08/11/2009 20:12

Ohhh I've missed you!

You look like a living doll here :) Like how I imagine every litle girl wants to look like when she grows up?! (if she had a fashion editorial inclined imagination, that is!)

Especially loving your eye

♥ fashion chalet 08/11/2009 13:01

^ thanks :) honestly? I eat a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits (veryy good for your hair) and drink plenty of water, daily. :) I practice Yoga 3x a week - which is supposed to be beneficial as well<3


Wendy 08/11/2009 03:51

your shoes again! gosh, they are so freaking beautiful! im lost in words.....
the red bow looks really cute on you and how did you manage to keep your hair this long and still looking healthy and thick at the same time?? cos mine flattened at the top when i tried to.. sigh~ i wish for gorgeous locks like yours :)


styleantagonist 08/08/2009 15:25

Ahh, i have dreamt of this heel before.. it looks beautiful on you.. :)