Remembering Michael Jackson...

Remembering Michael Jackson... through his lyrics and Fashion choices, both of which were always larger than life!!!

"I was wandering in the rain
Mask of life, feelin' insane
Swift and sudden fall from grace
Sunny days seem far away
Kremlin's shadow belittlin' me
Stalin's tomb won't let me be
On and on and on it came
Wish the rain would just let me ... "

Stranger in Moscow | Michael Jackson
August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009

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Obat kencing nanah 01/18/2015 19:01

beena la bella 09/03/2009 00:07

"Stranger in Moscow"-is one of my favorite Michael Jackson Songs :)

He will def be missed!!


♥ fashion chalet 07/18/2009 11:33

^ me tooooo :*(

Inspire the Starling 07/18/2009 11:18

My heart still skips a beat whenever his songs come on my ipod. A true legend has left us...sad times. xx

Bombshell Kitten 07/14/2009 00:06

A truly inspiring man, bravo.