Out of the Ordinary

I've been told more often than not; by different people, in different places, and during different stages in my life... that I have a "twin" somewhere - out there... whoever she is... maybe someday I'll meet her.... =)

What are some of the oddest things that people have said to you? Hope you're having a Sunny, Shiny Sunday!

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Jesse 07/18/2009 21:17

Your long hair is so gorgeous, I've been trying to get mine that long for years but to no avail! Any tips? I'll keep my eyes peeled for your twinny..

Anonymous 07/18/2009 15:38

yep. I've been told I've got a twin sister too. it's quite odd.

Sasi 07/18/2009 06:11

Love this mix of colours. Awesomw bag, too.

Becca Jane 07/17/2009 15:38

I get that alot as well. I also constantly get compared to Anne of Green Gables, what with red hair and being from PEI.