Urban Outfitters featuring Fashion Chalet

You can only imagine my excitement and surprise when a facebook friend (thanks, Shireen) pointed this feature out to me today. I love Urban Outfitters. I spend many afternoons wandering in their Sunset Place, Miami store just looking for the perfect pieces to mix into my wardrobe. I also admit to browsing through their website as often as I check bloglovin or drink coffee. Thank you Urban Outfitters and Weardrobe for this wonderful feature and opportunity.

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cma 06/19/2009 14:58

thats awesome

check out my blog @

info@mandpmodels.com 06/17/2009 07:02

Love your blog! Exchange links?


<3 xx

Lola-Elise 06/14/2009 18:14

that is pretty awesome!!

congratualations :)


Inside Mode 06/14/2009 12:21

Why am I not suprised. You are seriously the most deserving blogger around. All of the work you put in to replying, thinking up such fabulous inspiration boards, putting together such drool worthy ensembles..Just remember Vogue/Elle isn't too long away now.

♥ fashion chalet 06/13/2009 21:59

^ @ Sunset? awesome :)