Suddenly Summer

Thanks to the folks over at Motel for dress numero dos. I decided to play it classic with simple accents in black since the print on the dress is enough of a statement on its own. I've been wearing my new Jee Vice sunglasses day in and day out. The square faced shape has me gaga. And thanks to Jenna over at The Supermelon for introducing me to Purple Lab lip gloss by Karen Robinovitz. I went with "Red Sole" but of course. Goes on smoothly, isn't sticky, absolutely delicious and looks so pretty. ;)

Fun Fact:
The song you are listening to is Beyond the Sea by Bobby Darin, one of my favorite crooners! This is the song my husband and I walked into the Reception, after the Wedding with. ♥

Denim Vest: Vintage, Bongo. Dress: Motel. Sunglasses: Jee Vice. Lip gloss: Purple Lab. Pumps: Target.

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OMFG so cuteeeeeeeee♡
thanks to ^ all of you so much!!! <3
love the dress
Love animal print! You look amazing on this dress!
the dress is loooooovely. I especially love how it juts out at the hips. Lovely!