Sartorial Sunday

A rainy Sunday calls for a collage, no? Thought I'd throw a little of my current favorites into the mix. And an all time classic hit by Simple Minds for the tune. (This one's for you, Max!)

Mary-Kate Olsen for her hair, glitzy top and ripped tights. A model on break backstage in ballet flats. Pixie Market perfection, I love the model's layered hair and cut-out leggings paired with ankle boots. Natasha Poly in red lipstick; enough said!

As the rest of this week is supposed to rain (on and off- boo hoo!) I will at least have lots of new TV to watch, thanks to all of your great recommendations, guys!! :)

Images: tfs, Pixie Market, Cartoon Styles and Olsen-Files

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Marianne 06/19/2009 18:12

The first pic looks freakish, like she's got an arm loose or someting.. ;P But I love the rest of them, MK in her sequin dress, the red lips and the perfect casual black and white outfit! Great :)

cma 06/19/2009 14:58

great inspiration
love the post

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Inside Mode 06/14/2009 12:24

Your rainy Sunday collages are really hitting the spot right now. It's so ironic that it's Suncday right now, and it's actually raining here. So that really makes the mood authentic. That just proves how much we're on the same page.

One word for Natasha at Cannes. PERFECT! Almost brought tears to my eyes. Those red lips made me fall in love alone.

Anik L. 06/13/2009 15:02

Natasha Poly looked just perfect!