I thought it perfect to pair this set of photographs with one of my ultimate favorite songs Viva la Vida by Coldplay (I'm betting it has a lot do with the fact that this song was used in the opening sequence of the pilot episode on the new 90210.)

Thank you so much for your comments, I am trying my best to catch up with all of them. In the meantime I answered a few things in regards to the last "Chinese Laundry" post within the comments box, *check towards the bottom. If I didn't respond with a reply last time, I'll try to catch you this time. ;)

Over the weekend, I decided I want to buy a new camera (Canon vs Nikon?) and slowly add more bodysuits to my wardrobe. The first of many is being shipped my way really soon according to an exciting email. I hope it's true! Can't wait.

Just found out- I've been added as a Bloglovin' Icon Artist here. Thank you, Team-Bloglovin!

Tee: Trash & Luxury. Trench Coat: Rampage. Necklace: My Name Necklace. Canvas Tote: One Language. Jeans: Earnest Sewn. Wedges: Ash.

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Milly 06/15/2009 14:39

love those shoes

CAMILLE 06/11/2009 18:31

love this look...the outfit is gorgeous and really suits you!!!

camille x

Nerdic.. 06/10/2009 14:22

Love this outfit, and the bag is great!

Josefine 06/10/2009 04:40

Wow, i love those brown shoes!

kate 06/09/2009 21:48

I like that trench coat. Very nice. =)