The Best Kind of Connection

A small act of kindness is almost an oxymoron because any act of kindness, no matter how small, can play a large role in uplifting just about any soul. A smile can turn an entire person's attitude around. We're here to help each other. Below is a beautiful quote I found stating exactly what I am feeling at this very moment....

We all have such love and kindness to share. Just open your heart and let it flow.

Show everyone just how much you care, with a simple smile and a friendly hello.

Small things in life could mean so such, to those who are lost and so alone.

Someone's life you truly could touch, with a little kindness that you could show.

For it does not take much to make one smile. To brighten up ones darkened day.

Whether it be the elderly or even a small child. A simple act of kindness does go such a long way..

- Trixie Love

You can check out the post I did with Cameron in honor of Michael Jackson here. I supplied the music and she supplied the collage. Enjoy! He was, truly a legend and indeed A true Angel in the airwaves…..

Top: French Connection. Skinny jeans, Clutch: Forever 21. Purple handbag: Vintage. Zipper platform heels: Go Jane.

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FabBlab 07/09/2009 04:07

The purple top and the shoes are breathtaking. Love the look.


Dannie 07/06/2009 00:41

ooh, your top is sooo cute and pretty, i love the cut/shape; esp. w/ that color too- its greeeeat
altho, i wouldve liked to see you wear something lighter on the bottom- its summer babe, show off those gams!
o and your shoes are amaaaaazing, i love the zipper detail and all!

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much love,