500th Post!!

I made it to the holy blog threshold of the 500th post! Thanks to Wanderlusting and her convenient reminder on her own recent post about the exact same topic. You know who I applaud though? Not me. All of you. Every single one of my readers (all of you!) are the true inspiration behind Fashion Chalet; my sparkle. I love you!

I thought in honor of all this, I'd give you a little more insight into who I am with: random facts, past favorite blog posts and some of my favorites in general..... I hope you enjoy.

Some of the blog posts I most took pleasure from over this last year are this Fashion Week collage, and when I wore my Marc Jacobs trench for the very first time (blog-wise), the text I wrote in this post. A reader request - for those of you who have been asking for some more images of Sweety; here, here and here. Lately I can't get enough of Iced lattes (thank you, Starbucks!) The bright neon nailpolish collection by Essie. Can you guess which color I picked? Bodysuits (especicially by Motel and Urban Outfitters) I'd love to own a plethora. Oversize sunglasses, multicolored cardigans á la Rodarte and Missoni print pullovers. Wanting to get my hands on the perfect shimmery one-piece bathing suit for Summer. As far as cuisine goes; I love my bi-weekly lunch salads. All of the Odwalla protein shakes, fill me up, cool me off and of course, offer a grand dose of protein and energy. My favorite meal of the day has to be dinner, my famous shrimp fettucine or slow-cooked chicken with veggies and Italian cheese. Sweet potatoes and beets are the perfect side dish to just about every meal, luckily they're both easy to prepare and everybody's favorite. And in general, I really love Bruno Dayan's photography, this and him right now.

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Jessica 06/21/2009 15:30

Congrats on your 500th post!!! I'll be here when you reach your next 500!! :D

Carolina Botelho 06/19/2009 22:01

u look stunning!

chicmuse 06/18/2009 01:55

congratulations on your 500´s. keep rocking!
and keep in touch!



Tamara 06/17/2009 17:04

500?! Wow, big congrats for you Erika!! Amazing :) Now, go for 500 more!