Walking On a Dream

I'm really into Empire of the Sun lately, thanks to a reader who sent info my way on a really great band. This Seth Cohen quote always makes me laugh... It's pronounced Tee-ah-HUANA. (Tijuana) God, Mom, you are so white. Happy Cinco de Mayo to those of you who are celebrating today!! Bananas in my cereal add a really happy note to my morning breakfast ritual. Anybody else obsessed with crossword puzzles and/or word searches? They occupy my spare time, especially when stuck in traffic. Excited for Mother's day weekend. A family gathering is in store. Lots of food and fun music. I'm sure a cheesy Powerpoint show of images past and laughter will ensue as well. Lastly, any recommendations of what's good right now, movie theater-wise? I wanted to see Obsessed with Beyoncé and Ali Larter but heard it was kind of weak? Oh and I highly recommend the Ash banyan wedges. I could spend 24 hours standing in them. Most comfortable shoes I own.

Raglan: American Apparel. Dress turned Skirt: Gift from Greece. Necklaces: Forever 21 & Anika. Wedges: Ash.

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Hen The best $$$ I ever spent on shoes, go for it! Trust me they are sooo comfortable! :)

Hi! I love the ash banyan wedges, I'm going to buy a pair tomorrow... But I have this huge doubt, I don't know if i should get the tan ones or the chocolate brown ones.. The tan ones are £10 cheaper!
I loved this! So I put it on my blog too http://alligatorsapple.blogspot.com/2009/05/fashion-chalet-and-raglan.html

its very whimsical! hehe

well, i just read your walking on a dream post..no freaking way, i love the song.one of my most hearing songs when i'm on the road..have you seen the video clip??they're wicked- in a good way..you might want to listen to these, the knife-heartbeats and the virgins-rich girls
love your shoes !!!