Urban Outfitters

Some snaps from Memorial Day weekend, taken at my Grandmother's house. Check out the cameo by Sweety. We had apple pie, and lots of it.

How was your long weekend spent?

I: Went out for Chinese. Watched Tennis on TV. Read some Jane Austen. Played Orisinal. Rented Lassie on DVD. Watched the fluffy clouds take shape in the sky. Went to the Beach. Collected seashells. Painted my nails. Bought a new pair of shoes. Had a mini OC marathon. Drank mango smoothies. Learned how to make breakfast biscuits. Became friends with the new neighbors. Watched the Sunset. And, lastly, watched a baby bird hatch. I hope your weekend was filled with fun too.

Zipper Body-Suit: Urban Outfitters. Nameplate necklace: My Name Necklace. Skinny jeans: Cheap Monday. Ballet flats: Nine West yearsss ago.

*right-click and "view" to see images in full-size.

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obat kencing nanah 01/18/2015 17:13


Chelsea Bryan Knights 07/08/2009 00:18

I love the interior decorating of the room in these shots! As an artist myself, I can appreciate the artistic vibe in this room with the artwork on the walls and the art books on the table. Love it!

-Chelsea Knights

riris' boo boo 06/05/2009 00:40

I want the ballet flats! hahaha...
hmm... where can I buy it? ;)

cat 06/03/2009 17:04

cheap mondays are seriously the best jeans around! they look so good on you!


♥ fashion chalet 06/02/2009 22:23

@ Anonymous Please define how so. I'm intrigued.