Soul Meets Body

Thank you to Moxsie for sending over this very MK Olsen feather necklace, by Miss KK.
I love it. Treasure it.

Tee: Audrey Hepburn. Necklace: Miss KK. Sequin Leggings: Express. Zipper Heels: Go Jane platforms.

Seth Cohen and Death Cab for Cutie are interchangeable. I'm so thankful for Josh Schwartz and his creation of The OC, Seth Cohen and Ryan Atwood as well as for introducing me to some of my favorite bands! I'm also very thankful for my influences: Old Hollywood glamour, feathers, sequins and flapper style pieces; especially from the Audrey Hepburn era. And my other icon? Pocahontas. Soul meets body.........

Happy Friday!!

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Bostonista 05/24/2009 15:19

Oh gosh!! that necklace is to die for!!! Also, I have those sparkle leggings from express too! People always glare at me when I wear them but I love them. Amazing amazing.

Supercalifragi Fashion 05/24/2009 09:42

love your necklace! and thanks for your comment


Kristin 05/24/2009 02:11

That necklace is divine!

Nerdic.. 05/23/2009 17:01

Those shoes! Woww! I love them!
And the necklace of course!