• Leviticus Jewelry sent me this gorgeous chain necklace appropriately named "Chivalry"
  • I am also in mid-collaboration with my favorite pro photographer for some future blog outfit 'shoots really soon.
  • Thanks to my brother for taking these photographs of me.
  • I love playing with and
  • Guess make the greatest shoes. These boots are so comfortable too. Perfect for Stompin' around in like these!!
  • YOUR COMMENTS ARE AMAZING. I love my readers, you guys are A M A Z I N G ♥
Sweater/Vest: Twelve by Twelve. Sweater: Vintage. Scarf: Qi. Leggings: Danskin. Necklace: Leviticus. Ring: eBay. Boots: Guess.

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Annabelle 04/22/2009 20:25

want these shoes. ive recently become obssessed with shoes and i've got an addiction to keep wanting to buy them but i'm skint! you look lovely here.

rossovelvet 04/22/2009 14:20

Perfect proportions !!!
I love the poladroided one !

akaCola 04/21/2009 23:24

the boots are on!!!
love them

Debbie 04/21/2009 13:14

I had to get these shoes after seeing this post. The funny thing is I saw them on another fashion blog and the girl wouldn't tell me the name of the brand of this shoe. thanks to you I can now own them too.

bisou-joue 04/17/2009 11:35

very nice outfit !