Spring Florals and Neutrals are what I'm Craving ...

Dolce & Gabbana

D&G; bedecked models, Lily Donaldson, Natasha Poly and Jessica Stam look smashing in neutral florals. While Topshop's
take on floral prints that pop have me going gaga!! Forever 21 is always my stop for the perfect (and wallet friendly) accessory
of the moment.

Ali Michael

Ali will always be a gorgeous vision in my eyes. I have no clue what Show / Collection her dress is from, but I NEED it
now. If possible?? Please?? Any ideas?

Charles Anastase

The quirky nerd chic thrown into the floaty Spring collection left me breathless. I love the simplicity of basics
mixed in with gaudy. Check out those heels!!

In continuation with the Spring/Summer Collection; at the top of my list are his pretty platforms, Little Bo Beep dresses
and oversize eyeglasses. I love the effective use in layering! I'm also in love with the pops of pink, spiky platform boots
and chunky knits from the Fall collection.

Image Credits: Style.com, forever21, the fashion spot and Topshop.

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OMFG so cuteeeeeeeee♡
I've got to state my utter disdain for those who wear glasses without lenses as a "fashion statement." As someone who has worn glasses for 85% of my life out of necessity, I am honestly annoyed by those who take it on as a fashion trend. It is comparable to me rolling myself around in a wheelchair because it was the "cool" thing to do when my legs work perfectly fine. I was hoping this madness would have stayed in New York 2 years ago when I first noticed it, but unfortunately that is not the case.

coMpletelY adore the floraldresses. and now i just added you to my favs-
ah matthew williamson! love it! (ali's dress is by him) that show is AWESOME you should check it out :) btw apologies i haven't been commenting on your blog a lot lately!! :(
oh charles.
what a droolfest! :]