Little Miss Strawberry Shortcake

My cut offs were sent to me to try out by the lovely team at Amethyst Jeans. Thank you. I'm looking forward to trying out another hue soon. I adore the cut, feel and (of course) vibrant colors!!

Thank you, Lauren, over at Weardrobe, for sending over this wonderful olive cardigan by Twelve by Twelve (of Forever 21!) Such a soft, chic and fun piece!!

I have nothing but love for Go Jane and their shoe collection!

Ring bling we all love it, right? LOL.. Many thanks to Annie for the skeleton ring!! I love it!!

Daisy Chain Dreams sent me this lovely Audrey Hepburn necklace along with Cadbury eggs (two of which I ate in one sitting....
yummmmy!) and this sweet card. Thank you, darling.

Sweater: Mom's, Vintage. Sweater vest: Twelve by Twelve. Necklace: Forever 21. Shorts:Amethyst. Heels: Go Jane. Rings: Mix of faves.

I hope you're all having a fantastic Wednesday. Thanks for the "blogger Birthday wishes" they left me grinning ear-to-ear; Cheshire cat style!!!

xx Erika

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Inside Mode 03/22/2009 14:33

OH MY GOD! I must have your shoes!!
I just envy you living in warm weather. It's starting to get warm here now becasue of spring, but no one is close to even wearing that yet. Your look stunning! Not to mention, on Alexander Wang's runway.

P.S. I was watching Alice in Wonderland the other day and the Cheshire cat is just my favorite thing. I wish I had a cat like that. Well not really, but it would be fun. :)

Vintage Tea 03/17/2009 20:27

I love the necklace. Great post as always

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Anna Pope 03/16/2009 11:06

I love the shorts, especially the color. And the pink looks so nice with that olive green!

Ida 03/16/2009 04:34

Hey dear!

You look amazing, I love how you changed your blog - it so colorful and happy.


Victoria-H 03/15/2009 22:25

dude, u got amazing hair!