Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Not only is today a day where you should wear green, but it's also, officially, my half birthday. That's right, today I am exactly
a storied 26 and a half.. haha! Be safe! Have fun. Wear green!

Image from Flickr.

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Inside Mode 03/22/2009 14:28

HAPPY BELATED ST.PATRICKS DAY/HALF BIRTHDAY!! I seriously have no clue when my half birthday is. I'm not to good at math >_

What Not & I 03/19/2009 02:11

happy half birthday!

p.s. love your boots in the last post - I have some that are similar with the fringe around the top!


Anna Pope 03/18/2009 15:30

Happy half-birthday darling :*

Sing-me-songs 03/18/2009 13:13

Ok seriously wouldv NEVER guessed you were 26, more like 17 ! So as it's your half birthday, HAPPY 26.5 BIRTHDAY !! And happy st patty's too ! x

ps : btw, it's a compliment !

Ana 03/18/2009 11:30

Happy belated Saint Patrick's day!

I love your outfit post below. Its officially my favourite of yours.