C-A-T Spells Cat!

Fur (faux) Stole: Vintage. Crochet Cardigan: Target. Tee: Delia's, World Wildlife Federation. Skinny Jeans: Rich and Skinny. Victorian Ankle booties: Payless. Mask: Costume.

  • Fashion Chalet dons a mask. I want more, especially of the exotic and very much decorated variety. Anybody care to make some for me??
  • Right click and "view image" to see the resized images in their full size.
  • Again- I have to hand it to my brother for finding the perfect places to take photos. Love you, little bro! ;)
  • Lately I've been listening to "Loose Caboose" from the Breakfast at Tiffany's soundtrack by Henri Mancini. Another favorite is "Something for Cat" and of course, his most famous, "Moon River"..

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Joelyne 04/05/2009 19:22

ohhhh thank you! :D i am going to have a look @ the site now! ur posts make me smile more! :) :) :)

Joelyne 04/05/2009 18:20

omg i LOVE UR TEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO CUUUUUUTE! i want one! ;p x

average children 03/09/2009 23:43

this is really original. i like it a lot.


Sasi 03/09/2009 15:02

What a cool combination, the stole and the cardigan look like one amazing piece!
Have a nice week!

Adri 03/06/2009 18:40

I'm loving the shoes, and I'm totally wanting a mask now.