Bluebird of Happiness

  • A local photographer (and now friend) stumbled across my blog and contacted me. I was lucky to have him take this set (details to come...) as well as talks about future collaborations, which I am very excited about!!!
  • I won the electric blue "mesmerize" Essie nail polish on La-Mimi's website which I shall wear for the blog soon, as I just received it by post yesterday... Thank you, Mimi!
  • I'm dying for gift cards to American Apparel and Topshop.... and for an H&m; to open up in Miami.... gosssssh!
  • The Erge tee that I am wearing is courtesy of Emily, who sent me a bundle of beautiful (and seriously comfortable) tees. The girls of the 90210 television series wear the line all of the time, I can see why! Check out more designs here.
  • Follow my puppy, Sweety, on Twitter? lol... it all started as an inside joke when I made her account.. My Twitter is here.
  • My fruit of the moment: Red Gala Apples!

Thanks for all of your comments on my Beauty Essentials post. I APPRECIATE and am happy to read all of your comments and feedback. Many thanks to the Supermelon as well for featuring Fashion Chalet! =]

Tee: Erge Designs. Tank: La Made Hoops: Vintage. Jeans: Seven for all Mankind. Heels: Go Jane.

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Un café avec 5 pailles 04/14/2009 13:08

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BRAD FLETCHER 04/11/2009 13:39

Happiness is not a destination. It is a method of life. This is a quote by Burton Hills and I firmly believe in it. Yours is a nice blog.