Rings and Things

My new obsession.
they're all I want right now. The chunkier the better. Silver, gold, gaudy, and large.
You name it. I want it. hahhah!

Aaaaanndddd.. your comments and feedback are always beyond amazing!!!

What more can I say?? :)


rings: forever 21

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Kalin 02/04/2009 13:29

I love f21 accessories. There is an entire accessories room at the one out here, and the rings are out in huge dishes like candy. Awesome.


Sina 02/04/2009 13:28

Great Rings!

♥ fashion chalet 02/04/2009 12:37

thank you, E. I tried your blog link but it didn't work, thanks so much!! =]

E. 02/04/2009 07:51

I gonna put this picture in mu "inspiration" file. Cuz i just love this.

emma 02/03/2009 16:39

haha i have both of these! i love f21 rings, too bad they turn my fingers green :(