Pretty Things: Doo.Ri, Erin Fetherston, RVCA, and Hervé Léger

Doo. Ri - Gothic bride meets punk party girl. I fell in love, then in lust, with the sequin and glitter speckled tights. Somewhat reminiscent of daylight breaking against the early morning fog. The half purple, half blue lipstick seems like a challenge to pull off, but once paired with the space age greys and silvers of the clothing (as well as the black as midnight dark eyeliner) it seems to work seamlessly well.

Erin Fetherston -
Alice in Wonderland brought back to life, and revamped in a new light of luxe. The bright pops of red and the strappy platform pumps are all part of this dream like state. Jewel encrusted party dresses, exaggerated bubble skirts, and oversize bows on top, turn this two-dimensional cartoon into high fashion. If I were there, I would love to shake Erin Fetherston's hand, give her a hug and then beg to wear one of her incredible creations. Alice isn't chasing after a white rabbit any longer, or asking a smiling cat questions; instead she's cat walking down the path of her very own dazzling dreams!

Hervé Léger - Body hugging, body conscious; we've heard it all. Lithe bodies, neutral tones and simple designs; all leading to the answer of why Hervé Léger's collections are so infamous for their sex appeal and glamour. This Ready to Wear collection introduced us to knee high, leg hugging boots, motorcyle chic leather, sequins and more overstated accents than we ever dreamed of. All in all, another wonderful smattering of ideas.

RVCA - Erin Wasson, model, designer, stylist and now; visonary. Her line in collaboratation with a skate fashion company, is turning one avid skater's head after another. Whereas before, mainstream designer skate lines where next to blah in the dictionary as far as designs, presentation and overall appeal. Skimmed over in the magazines and passed by in the mall. Yet, Erin managed to capture the true skater by heart and and the true fashionista by nature. The line isn't all girly nor all tomboy. It's a happy mix between street beach chic, casual hippie and a touch of haute bohemian couture; all done in true Erin Wasson fashion, of course. Every one of the items in the varied collections have a piece of Erin, and all of it screaming chic!

  • Happy Friday!!!
  • Planning on a Dog Park Saturday and picnic.
  • I have a little something special to share (in the blog) on Sunday.

Images for my collage all from [] Thank you to StardustandSequins for the paint brushes!

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Obat kencing nanah 01/18/2015 18:45

OMFG so cuteeeeeeeee♡

Sasi 03/06/2009 06:39

The Doo.Ri tights are one of the most fabulous things I've ever seen!

Erin Fetherston's collection is so precious. I like the outfits you've chosen:)

Have a nice week-end!

tobaccoandleather 03/04/2009 17:49

that Doo. Ri part looks intriguing, i must look it up at once!


♥ fashion chalet 03/01/2009 22:42

@ Aura M - thank you, Herve dazzled!!! =]

Winnie 03/01/2009 19:58

Love the tights from Erin Featherston!