A Year in Review

I thought it fit today to blog about some of my current favorites for 2009 as well as some favorites that haunted me through 2008 and still today. I am anxiously anticipating the arrival of my body con double-U neck minidress from American Apparel, in black with long sleeves. The perfect classic; alone or layered. Cat has convinced me to hit the mall today for some studded rings (as has MK Olsen) and Melissa talked me into making a stop at the bookstore for the perfect Fashion book. I'm craving multichain necklaces as well. I cannot wait to incorporate all of these trends and new ideas into my blog this year. I do have some secrets up my sleeve, all neatly written out in shopping list format, of course. I hope to score some of them today. If not, there's always tomorrow.


I ended up getting:

  • a slew of rings
  • a new scarf
  • a bracelet
  • and some very Carrie Bradshaw shoes!! xx
  • I had to order the book online, along with another ring and necklace. :]

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Tonia 01/12/2009 15:01

I'm in love with large rings as well, I still haven't mastered the art of wearing 5 of them on each hand and not looking tacky though =(


Miss G* 01/10/2009 16:51

Love the tregging on the Olsen sister.
And I want that ring!!

sarah 01/10/2009 15:14

looove that ring. i have one similar that my mom bought in germany in the 70's. i wear it every day. also, love the pic of mk, i need a bag like that asap!

Maria C 01/08/2009 20:51

Great collage, reminds me of who what wear ;)

I know, he is in paris.. i hate i hate! i think he is off to vienna and switzerland now... lucky boy indeed!!

Knight Cat 01/08/2009 19:46

ahah you got the rings :) so happy you did!