The World is a Vampire ......

Right before Christmas, "S" (of ModernGuilt) and I decided to have a clothing swap. The second I pulled this black t-shirt out of the box, I saw the brilliant red heart on it. I knew at that very moment that I loved it. At closer inspection, I realized that the "heart" was indeed made up of teeny, tiny skulls; and that's when I decided to refer to it as my Billy Corgan / Smashing Pumpkins t-shirt. So, Billy, this one's for you!! =] The button beanie, made by Knight Cat, inspired by Ali Michael, really helped set me in a punk-ified mood. Cat, I love this hat!!

The video is pretty much *silent. I suggest letting the blog song ("Everything Will be Alright" by The Killers - play while you watch.)

T-shirt: Ideal. Skirt: Behnaz Sarafpour for Target. Tights: Inc Marine. Rings: forever 21 and vintage. Button Beanie: Knight Cat. Heels: Go Jane.

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Daphné 02/02/2009 13:22

Lovely outfit! I have the same tights and I love them!

Bella 02/01/2009 16:53

Ahhhh, I just got those heels in the mail yesterday... so we are now officially shoe sisters!

You look HOT, rocker, chic, and hardcore wicked lovely.


Sassy 02/01/2009 14:26

What a cute outfit! I love the tights!

hande's closet 02/01/2009 10:05

wow great shoes!!u wear it perfectly with print tights...