What's your Secret Single Behavior?

  • I also enjoy saltine crackers with jelly, except I prefer strawberry. I'll have to try it the Carrie way though, with Vogue!
  • I always drink a bottle of Voss or Fiji water before bed while reading Nylon magazine.
  • Giving myself pedicures and manicures right after a shower.
  • I love to have lunch, watching TV uninterrupted, when nobody else is home.
  • I give myself facial masks and then sip lemon iced tea while watching Gilmore girls reruns, letting it work on my face.
  • I hide fruit in the fridge in a secret spot just for me.
  • Making Mocha Cafe with marshmallow creamer every morning to drink before work.
  • Watching "girly" TV on DVD just before bed while eating a freshly made fruit salad.

What's your Secret Single Behavior?

Photos: JustJared, google images

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