Red Right Plaid!

I have always loved this song by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. The song kind of inspired me to go red today, plaid and all. For better details on my bracelet, shoes, clutch and belt you can see them here and here.

And above, I am in video format again, listening to said song while flipping through LULA magazine. I treasure that particular issue (featuring Siri Tollerød) as if it were truly gold.

Plaid top/clutch/belt: Vintage. T-Shirt: Delia's. Charm bracelet: Urban Outfitters. Headband: Target. Jeans: True Religion. Heels: Guess.

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Anna Pope 01/23/2009 06:01

I love all the red in this outfit, that clutch and those shoes are divine!

Porcelain Blonde 01/23/2009 01:31

Love-love-love this look.

I know you're wearing a plaid shirt but this has a Chanel jacket and jeans vibe to me?!

Anyways, chic and classic darling :) xxx

Jack Daniel 01/22/2009 22:05

wow, the music is amazing. and so are you. :)
But I need to know the name of the track. It sounds like Elvis. Haha

petrushkabiel 01/19/2009 12:10

Yayyyyyyy for the red look...I'm very into red, cause it shows us bravery and passionate. Very nice of you to put those thing together, they all red but doesn't look boring...The plaid, belt, clutch, shoes...I love them all ^,^

Always curious to see your daily look, cause you're giving something new everyday...Always pretty ;)

Have a nice day :-)

Adiel 01/18/2009 21:47

Once again I find myself coveting your hair. ;)