The Monday Seven

  1. I love hearing ghost stories, yet, afterward I find myself not wanting to be alone and a need to sleep with the lights on!
  2. Heels are my addiction. Shoes in general. Help!?
  3. Late at night is when I get the munchies. I'll usually end up snacking on just about everything.
  4. My favorite day of the week is Thursday.
  5. I used to collect Barbie dolls as a little girl. I even played with them until I was almost 13, before giving them all away to my younger cousins.
  6. Cereal is the best food ever, especially with evaporated milk.
  7. My iPod is a collection of memories. Each song has a different meaning.

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Obat kencing nanah 01/18/2015 18:52

OMFG so cuteeeeeeeee♡

C.B. 01/30/2009 17:25

I used to collect barbies as well... and play with them until late... but they're still somewhere in my house. Too hard for me to donate them (even to my corny cousin haha)

Thursdays are great, cause you wake up knowing tomorrow is friday hahahaha well... for me... even Mondays are great.. i think.. oh yeah, only 4 days until Friday!! hahaha yep im very positive (or at least, I try to be)


Emily 01/29/2009 13:06

oooh what a fabulous idea...evaporated milk in your cereal? i could eat lucky charms every meal of my life. kinda scary. what's your fav?

sarah 01/29/2009 06:35

i share a shoe addiction also!

The Lil Bee 01/28/2009 21:22

Love your #7. So me! BTW...I started a new fashion blog today! Check it when you get a chance: :) x