La Bohemme

This rectangular plaza caught my brother's eye, and so we stopped here for another photo opt. I scored this (faux) fur scarf shawl thing a few weekends back and was finally able to work it into a look for the blog. We couldn't leave without spying on the baseball game that was going on a few yards over.

Sweater and Scarf: Vintage. Jeans: Superfine. Wedges: Bakers. Nail polish: OPI, vodka & caviar.

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Kim 01/29/2009 15:14

Love the wedges :))

MONI 01/27/2009 14:40


Marina 01/26/2009 17:15

SOOOOOOOOO lovely wedges!it looks crazy cool on you!!!!

Natacha 01/26/2009 12:46

Photos are wonderful !
You look very pretty! :)

sertonina 01/24/2009 13:08

really like your shoes!! OO