Faking the Books!

song is by Lali Puna.

Here I am in this quirky little video I made a few monthssss ago.
Remember the outfit here? Get out some popcorn and press play.
I hope you like it. :]


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May Kasahara 01/18/2009 01:37

Elena 01/17/2009 14:40

Once more you've mixed everything in such a great way! Love the shirt and the bag and the belt!Especially the belt! It's amazing!

lepetitmondedejulie 01/16/2009 14:06

I love your outfit! i have seen your video on viméo where you answer the questions of your readers! ;) It was so nice even if i didn't understand everything ;) My english isn't very good :(

sugarxnspice 01/16/2009 13:56

I love the way you tied the scarf - very chic!