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Crystal masks, bleach blond hair and rock concert tees, big bow headbands, Jessica Stam, Rachel Bilson, Natasha Poly, leopard print, Phantom of the Opera inspired fashion masks, lavender, polo shirts, denim cut offs, blue eyes, long hair, Miu Miu, silk skirts, Smashing Pumpkins, Blackberry, Gladiator sandals, windy nights, starry skies, Where the Wild Things Are, Roald Dahl, New York City at night, homemade Pizza, Guster, dragging your feet, dancing in your underwear, Polar Express, smudging my dark black eyeliner, Christmas, bell bottom jeans, Jane Birkin, the 70's, a trip to France, cold salad, Tomato soup, Mocha cafe, running barefoot, the ringing of a Church bell, Behati Prinsloo, staying up late reading a really good book, having an iPod chock full of your favorite songs to listen to on the train, Blair Waldorf's headbands, iTunes gift cards, going on the Sailboat, frozen grapes, candlelit dinners, watermelon juice running down your chin at the beach, snorkeling, miniskirts, the little black dress, platforms, sexy bedhead hair, Salmon pink, when Mary Kate Olsen wears pink nail polish with all black, Starbucks runs.

Sources: love more, knightcat, fashionflash, the fashion spot, bleachblack, rachel-b.

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sam. 01/25/2009 14:03

this is a great collage

Anna Pope 01/23/2009 06:00

Yes to Starbucks, Natasha Poly, where the wild things are, dancing in my underwear, watermelons and bright pink nailpolish!

MELISSA 01/21/2009 22:58

The shoes are Payless of course. But don't binge--you're recovery has been going so well :]

And this flipping sounds dangerous. At least you don't have to worry about ice!

Btw, go to Stardust & Sequins. She has an amazing Olsen's picture for Influence II. Noooo jooooke.

maud 01/21/2009 05:32

I adore the pic at the bottom with that red skirt,I've onced saved it as one of the best styling observed in a fashion editorial