And some just layed around in bed

And I did, this morning. The sun wasn't showing her pretty face. So I read some more of my coffee table book that came in, by mail yesterday. A Year in Fashion. (photo, courtesy of Amarillo-blog.) There's nothing cozier than cuddling up on a dark morning, in bed, reading all about FashionFashionFashion!

Here I am in pajamas, but somehow still respectable, I think. haha. As you can see I'm donning my favorite hue; purple. I think Sweety wanted to bite the charm off of my bracelet. She loves to bite things, as she is still teething.

The video above is of Sweety playing with her tennis bone toy this morning. (This was for Nita Karoliina.) the song is by the decemberists xx

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♥ fashion chalet 01/15/2009 13:59

@ issa: thanks! she woofs back a thank you, too! ;]

issa 01/15/2009 13:56

Sweety is tooooo kute!

♥ fashion chalet 01/15/2009 11:24

@ Tessie:

Thank you <3

Tessie 01/15/2009 07:58

Even the dog is a fashionista....all in neutrals! Very cute!

Karla 01/14/2009 15:58

Thank u you're so sweet:)

XX Karla