Lipstick Jungle

Is it just me or does model, Isabeli Fontana bare a striking resemblance to Lipstick Jungle's
gorgeous-with-her-glorious-hair, Brooke Shields? So much, I felt inspired to make this collage.
Hope you enjoy.

Today I:

  • Got "Circus" by Britney Spears. It's way better than I ever imagined. But maybe I'm biased???
  • Did the groceries (boring, except I did manage to pick up some fave delicious protein shakes!)
  • Bought a few Holiday movie classics.
  • Cleaned and organized my shoe closet up a bit.
  • Had some homemade tomato pasta for lunch. yum yum yum!

Your comments and wonderful feedback mean THE WORLD to me.
Again, thank you!! xxxx love...

Photo sources: thefashionspot, thesunsetpalette

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Becca Jane 12/08/2008 20:22

great collage - it's true, they do look alike.

I listened to Circus the single, and surprisingly liked it!

Lo et Molly Shameless 12/07/2008 01:40

brown tights with brown boots??


love love love.