All Hands on Deck: American Apparel and Chuck Taylor

As silly as I know it may sound, I can't help but to feel exhilarated when I spot a celebrity I admire wearing something that I also own. Like this AA raglan top for example, seen on Mary Kate Olsen- quite a few times, or the fact that Mary Kate and Nicole Richie both seem to like Converse sneakers as much as I do (I've been wearing them since the 6th grade!!) And how about the fact that they both chose to pair their all American Chuck Taylor lo top Converse with grey sweaters? Genius.

These photos were taken in the old house, but up until now, I had forgotten all about them. I do however wear my American Apparel raglan top all of the time. I'm debating on whether to order another, to sleep in? They're just that soft.

Top: American Apparel. Dress/Bag: Vintage. Sneakers: Converse by Chuck Taylor.

Photos: the fashion spot

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Obat kutil kelamin 01/18/2015 15:42

You rock the casual chic look m'dear x

lorenabr 01/03/2009 12:11

gr8blog nice clothes
like your style
as well i breath fashion

have a nice day

in vogue 1 day

Lo et Molly Shameless 12/28/2008 22:15

LOVE this look

and i totally get giddy about stuff like that too :) haha

also really wanting to get some chuck taylors...

Slanelle 12/28/2008 06:24

i totally want this sweater, but i have no more money :( * tears *

Fashion Tidbits 12/24/2008 00:32

i love my Converses too!