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This is my Pre-NYE, at home and casual look for today. I cannot wait to wear what I have in store for tonight though. THE SPECIAL PACKAGE arrived!!- And I'm just bubbling over with giddy excitement. You soon shall see what I have decided to don for tonight. MANY ADVANCE THANKS to those who sent in ideas. Let's just say that the fireworks won't be the only thing shining tonight. HAPPY NEW YEAR'S 20O9 to youuuu! :)

Hoodie: Fruit of the Loom (the hubby's -I stole it -hahah!) Striped tee: Jones New York. Tights: Payless. Oxfords: Newport News.

Super excited about featuring my photo!!

Translation: This particular outfit was influenced by Tallulah Morton (Australian model/it party girl) with the tights as pants and old-fashioned ankle boots. The plaid touch is very MK and the Eiffel Tower Paris t-shirt is just so me. As I hope to one day make my way there. :)

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Cara mengobati kutil kelamin 12/17/2014 07:58

happy memorial day for you too,

Molly 01/02/2009 18:19

jeez girl, how do you do it :)

thanks, you too!
molly x

* Fashion Dreamer * 01/02/2009 18:07

Wow wow your legs are miles long!! Love both pairs of boots, and all your pictures. Courtesy of your new tripod? I cannot wait to get my new camera and tripod...and remote!!