Waiting for my Ship to come, but my Ship's not coming back ...

After enjoying a leisurely brunch in Miami Beach at News Cafe, I decided to pop into Barnes & Noble on my way home. Namely to pick up the Kate Moss Style book. To my dismay, it was already SOLD OUT!!!! Did anyone manage to get their hands on it? I want details!! For now, it will just have to go on my ever expanding Christmas Wish List ...

Dress: forever 21.
American Apparel.
forever 21.
Bracelets & Rings:
a varied mix (from a collection I started in Junior High!)

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Caroline 11/22/2008 00:39

that blue dress looks incredible on you.

ashleigh 11/21/2008 01:39

the bandeau absolutely makes it :) you do maxi so well!

stilettostetico 11/17/2008 16:53

Between a "contemporary urban Goddess" AND a "Boho CHIC-issime" sylph !!! I really like the subtle, nonchalant exhibition of your exquisite fashionista's feet in such precious sandals . . .

à Bientôt, Antoine

KATLIN 11/17/2008 02:56

Wow, you already have 100+ comments, but I wanted to add that this reminds me of something a little Egyptian with the bright blue and gold!

SHE KNOWS 11/16/2008 21:38

aw your welcome hun!
and yes i would love to exchange links!!