Silence and Noise

T-Shirt: do-it-yourself. Headband and Belt: vintage. Sunglasses: Urban.
Jeans: Frankie B. Bag: Gifted, thanks Mom! Heels: Aldo.

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On my mind today....

  • I want/need to buy some new batteries for my camera.
  • Thanksgiving (long weekend away, here I come!!!)
  • I'll be making my infamous Sweet potato 'Mash' and Pumpkin soup!
  • 'Photoshoot' over the long weekend, with my brother. *he took these above.
  • Two very exciting surprises soon to come for the blog!
  • My new shoes making their way to me by mail.
  • My nail polish collection.
  • Jen Brill, I call her "The Brillster" lol.. I'm such a goober.
  • Sleeping in and reading in bed; hot chocolate bedside.
  • Getting started with my Christmas shopping!!!
  • Wanting a laptop!
  • Kate Moss STYLE book, still covet it, still need it...
  • Hoping for a kitten or a puppy this Holiday season!!
  • I dedicate La femme chocolat by Olivia Ruiz to Daisy Chain! :D
  • Being thankful for my family, friends, love, health & loyal readers... all of you!

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E. 12/01/2008 07:40


nv 12/01/2008 06:06

love this outfit! the head chain is great

dayna 11/30/2008 17:30

you look adorable & I love the heels.


Nicole Then 11/29/2008 09:30

wow, i absolutely love your "crown". super cute