I Love You; Every Single One of You!

Immeasurable thanks to Melissa (AMARILLO) and Nita (LITTLE SNEAK INTO MY LIFE) for honoring me with the distinguished 'I Love Your Blog' award. Just to be among so many wonderful bloggers whom I personally count as inspirational, is above and beyond.

&& Thanks to, (LE FLASSH) for her fun question tag:

Where is your mobile phone? BEDSIDE TABLE. Where is your significant other? SHOPPING. Your hair color? DARK BROWN . Your mother? I ADMIRE HER STRENGTH. Your father? SILLY. Your favorite thing? LAUGHING WITH MY BROTHER. Your dream last night? ROMANTIC. I WAS BEING SERENADED! Your dream goal? TO BECOME A WELL KNOWN WRITER OR STYLIST. The room you're in? QUIET. Your hobby? WRITING. Your fear? SNAKES. Where do you want to be in 6 years? ESTABLISHED. Where were you last night? HAVING DINNER. What you're not? PATIENT. One of your wish-list items? TRIPOD. Where you grew up? MIAMI. The last thing you did? PLAYED WITH THE NEIGHBOR'S KITTEN; RICKY. What are you wearing? SWEATS; IT'S COLD OUT FOR ONCE. Your TV? HD. Your pets? NONE, YET. Your computer? MY BABY. Your mood? TIRED. Missing someone? NO. Your car? COMFORTABLE. Something you're not wearing? RINGS. Favorite shop? BLUSH. Your summer? 6 MONTHS AWAY. Love someone? YES! Your favorite colour? PURPLE. When is the last time you laughed? LAST NIGHT. When is the last time you cried? WHEN I MISSED MY GRANDPA.

And so now, since I cannot pick my two favorite blogs... how could I? I love each and every single one of your blogs. And so, I pass on this award for you to display on your own blogs; if you choose to do so. Completely optional not obligatory. Thanks again for your loyal readership and positive energy. It's because of your energy, support and inspirational ideas that keep this blog going!!

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♥ fashion chalet 11/26/2008 12:11

anonymous 10:02 thank youu :D

heartofpearl♥ 11/25/2008 23:35

congrats you so deserve that :) and please doo try braids i love them and totally think it would look great on you especially because you have gorgeous hair! xx

Anonymous 11/25/2008 22:02

kisses !

Bella 11/25/2008 14:08

You're such an inspiration... it comes as no surprise that you were featured. Your award is well-deserved sweetie!