I like to call them my Topshop boots!

The boots! from fashion chalet on Vimeo.

dress: Lacoste.
headband: Urban.
rings: forever 21.
boots: go jane.

In an attempt to accept that Winter just isn't here yet, I settled on donning my Lacoste sweater dress sans tights or leggings. And instead, decided on the debuting of my new lace up booties that I just can't seem to get enough of. Thank you, knightcat! The double braided headband from Urban Outfitters was the icing on my cake. Hope you're all having a fantastic TGIF day, my lovelies.

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kat.george 11/19/2008 10:45

your hair is amazing.


SHE KNOWS 11/16/2008 18:33

u are way gorgeous! and you r outfit was simply perfect! i love all of your hair!

Fashion_Girl22 11/16/2008 17:56

I hope you had as great of a time in this outfit, as I am just looking at it! The fact that you don't comproise your style to please those who probably want fall looks is just amazing. Those boots are a dream, can we ay JEALOUS. lol <3

Slanelle 11/13/2008 13:33

aaaa i want the same boots ! cute video btw

PorcelainBlonde 11/12/2008 00:16

You're so inspiring! One of my very fave blogs. These boots really suit you and you do indeed have disney princess hair :) What a fab description and so apt.