The Eastern Glow

I'm over the moon with my Foley + Corinna leather bag in delectable eggplant. Thanks to the wonderful Shop Therapy contest, I was able to win this magnificent handbag. The leather is incredibly supple. You guys are amazing. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I'm also extremely thrilled with my new Oxford studded booties, courtesy of Newport News. I love you guys!! My brother was in town for the day, thus the outdoor shots this time around. Very exciting stuff. I had a blast pairing the minidress with knee socks, a la Silver. In other exhilirating news, I was happy to find myself featured in a website called Web Fashion Awards among many other stylish bloggers whom I greatly admire. Vote and comment for my featured entry here? Many thanks in advance. Another surprise to come; still in the works.

Lace Blouse: Vintage (Grandmom's, handmade.) Dress: Bloomingdales. Knee socks: Juicy Couture. Booties: Newport News. Handbag: Foley + Corinna.

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maria 11/24/2008 15:07

ohhh those heels look like my size. love them
can i ask you, where are they from
i totally love them

Proserpine 11/24/2008 12:29

Love the socks ^^

I think I'm know addicted !

Nancy 11/23/2008 20:46

Congrats! I loooove the color of the bag. It works so well with your lace top and balances out the girliness.

SOS! 11/22/2008 17:35

Great outfit! I love the lace top and the oxfords!

Soph 11/22/2008 10:50

you know i'll admit i'm not the biggest fan of knee high socks but you really did make them work!!! i'm impressed! i would die for a f&c; bag! it's gorgeous :) lucky you!!