My Little One Piece Wonder

Whenever it's rainy, dark or dreary, I always pull for a fun ensemble to help fill the day with a little more cheer. I opted for this adorable romper I scored at a secondhand shop a few weeks back. I love that it's a little longer than the typical rompers seen out there. The print as well as the waist cloth belt make me love it that much more. Thankfully, I remembered my grandmother's gift, these sandals, to finish off the look. My Little Pony princess, Rainbow Dash, came along for the ride.

romper: secondhand vintage. bag: vintage. sandals: gift.

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your blog is really cool! we love audrey hepburn too, and breakfast at tiffanys and roman holiday, sabrina, paris when it sizzles ++ are our favourites! LOVE IT <3 <3
Love the shoes!
How cute !
new on my blog
check it out
LOVE it! For some reason, the first thing that came into my mind was: Chanel
Hmm maybe Coco at a resort?
I love the My Little Pony Touch. I think I actually have the same one. lol
The sandals are too goregous! The romper and the bag are just the greatest. Rompers are actually making a comeback. So, I guess we now who to credit when it starts showing up everywhere. <3
The dress is so springy, it looks very nice with the shoes!