French Connection + Vlog

Here I am, exploring the new place... I am trying to find my new "spot" to model future looks for the blog....

dress: french connection, strappy heels: franco sarto
why won't the video stills ever work with flattering us??
anyways, I hope you enjoy this latest vlog installment..

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Kelly 10/30/2008 20:44

you look skinny minnie! what a cutie your vids.

♥ Marta ♥ 10/19/2008 02:20

So girly and feminine ... LOve it :)

May Kasahara 10/19/2008 00:36

god - now I'm so much more in love with you.

J'Adore Fashion 10/18/2008 14:29

that was the cutest video. its funny, am a BIG pasta fan, I order pasta everytime I go out for lunch that my friends always open the pasta section of the menu for me lol!

love dress too, and oh! I so agree with the music thing, I use music most of the time to sleep.

have a wonderful weekend dear :)

Songy 10/18/2008 05:47

Good to see you in the video. Just noticed.. remembering your previous vlogs posts.. you look like you lost quite a bit of weight.

Your sandals look very much like the ones I'm blogging about at the moment. That dress does go well with them. Good to know. :)