A Bohemian Princess for Halloween

In the spirit of the holiday, I started my morning with chocolate brownie moisturizing shampoo. And instantly began the day after a homemade cinnamon latte, with mocha mixed in.

Thinking of Halloweens past, I remember when I was Little Red Riding Hood in the 4th grade. Minnie Mouse in the 5th grade (my little brother was Mickey!) And my favorite, a Ballerina Princess (tiara, tutu, wand and all) when I was 6 years old. I thought it fit to have a Princess theme tied in with Bohemia and my ever present favorite, Pocahontas, for this year.

Happy Halloween! Have fun. Be safe! Trick or treat; hope you get something good to eat. ;) I have a dinner party to attend. Until next time, Ciao! my lovelies....

a skirt-turned-dress that belonged to my Mom and bracelets: Vintage. Boots: Minnetonka. Belt: Barneys New York. Headpiece: diy.

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*~The World is My Catwalk~* 11/05/2008 16:14

Wow... I know I look silly in costumes but you just look fresh out of a fashion spread!!! I love the dress! Those boots and that headband -- gorgeous!!!

You also remind me of pocahontas.. a pretty one, not the pocahontas-pocahontas!!!