90210 Madness

Hey, you guys! I promise to get back to all of your comments from my previous post as soon as possible. What a marvelous surprise, getting so many wonderful amounts of feedback from all of you. Can't wait to reply back! I was out of town for most of the weekend, visiting with family, but I'm back now. Ohhh and I scored two of the coolest pairs of boots I could ever hope to find (can't wait to showcase them in the blog, soon!)

In the meantime, I hope you like the 90210 muse board I made for you. My latest obsession. I actually just started watching it, via iTunes last week and became instantly hooked. I've only gotten up to episode 4; "The Bubble," but nevertheless, liking it more and more with every episode. I can't decide if I like it even more than Gossip girl? My favorite characters are Naomi Clark (deliciously evil) and Ethan Ward (just plain delicious!) I can't forget to mention Jessica Stroup, "Silver" who has as much an affinity for knee socks as I do and I wish I had her steel blue eyes.

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