Why So Serious?

Last weekend I met up with some of my family for a game of Bowling, hence the 1950's themed outfit and then Chinese for lunch! I managed to achieve 3 strikes in a row, right at the start of the game. Unfortunately, after that, I lost my "mojo" and my younger brother won the whole thing. For lunch I ordered my usual honey garlic chicken and steamed white rice. This place is the best "little hole in the wall" $6.50 for a lunch plate that also includes an appetizer and a bowl of soup. I go for the Crab Rangoons (a delectable treat of crab meat and cream cheese in what looks to be a fried wonton shell) every time. I eventually grew tired of the Wonton soup, so now I always opt for the egg drop. If you ask for it, they bring you their famous Oolong tea in the cutest little tea set. I love the stuff! Dessert is a fortune cookie, of course.

(faux) leather jacket: Rave, t-shirt: DIY, bandage mini: The Limited, gladiator wedges: Wet Seal, handbag: Vintage

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Obat raja singa 12/17/2014 08:31

love this outfit... so much!

Anna Pope 01/09/2010 04:59

Love this. Casual yet so tough chic :)

silhouette rouge 10/05/2008 21:02

ur eclectic!!!
and friggin du'jour! love!its like 80's glam and still contemporary...rox!!
xoxo WS