Cinderella, You Shall go to the Ball!

I am immediately reminded of the classic Disney cartoon, Cinderella, whenever I am trying on a pair of heels. Whether shopping for some at a Department store or simply slipping into a pair at home, imagery of Cinderella, her fairy Godmother and the infamous glass slipper call to mind. The dress I have on is of the softest denim that I have ever felt. I knew I loved it the instant my eyes fell upon it. The light wash was exactly what I was aiming for. The full skirt was an additional plus! The book I am seen toting about ("How to Walk in High Heels") has everything I'll ever need inside. From Style and Beauty Tips to domestic ideas. I also enjoy reading the quotes carefully placed throughout. I opted for darker eye makeup, as I love accenting my eyes when going out; especially at night. This "set" was taken before meeting up with some friends who were in town for only a couple of days. We had sushi for dinner (I had the miso soup and a veggie wrap!) and then extravagant ice cream sundaes (topped with colorful sprinkles!) for dessert. -----*Photos can be clicked, to enlarge their size.

dress: vintage. belt: barneys new york. heels: aldo. bandeau: aa.

Thanks to S from ModernGuilt for tagging me. *I tag anyone interested* I was told to choose a song which I feel accurately represents my personality and style. So here goes.... <3

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Obat kutil kelamin 01/18/2015 16:05

You rock the casual chic look m'dear x

Fashion_Girl22 09/14/2008 13:18

I love the look! Its so Chloe, I was just on the website acutally. ITs nice to see it be inspired into an ooutfit. :]

FiFi 09/13/2008 03:03

I like your dress and your bag looks wonderful!

Diana Coronado 09/12/2008 02:50

That's what I call Girly !!
Nice !!

A la Femme 09/10/2008 14:22

Oohh I love it. I always love when you play with the pictures colors. They just bring a certain element to the photo. :)