Cloud Watching

Have you ever fallen asleep on a blanket after a picnic at the park? I remember waking up to a bright blue sky filled with puffy white clouds. Then I would start to see funny little animals taking shape and shining through. Cloud watching can be just as fun as star gazing. I love the feeling you get as you feel yourself beginning to slip away from any previous pent up stress you may have had, feeling yourself anew, just by watching the shapes take form.

Top: Vintage. Belt: Vintage: Shorts: diy. Levi's. Heels: Aldo. Bag: vintage

Thank you "S-C" of Girl Meets NYC for the 6 quirks about you tag. I tag anyone interested!! :)

Let's see. OK. Well, for starters.... (1) I cannot feel "awake" until I actually put my contacts on. When I am wearing my glasses I still feel half asleep. Maybe it's the cold water that "wakes" me up? (2) I love ovaltine with milk for breakfast but it has to be just the right amount of milk and ovaltine, it can't be too milky or too chocolate-y, I have it down to a science. (3) I always need some kind of pillow to hug in order to fall asleep at night. I'm very picky about there not being any light either, when trying to fall asleep (or noise!) (4) I don't like walking into my room or the bathroom with shoes on. I think of germs coming off of the street. Ew. (5) I drink coffee, even at home, with a straw. (6) I always count steps when I climb, it's an odd habit.

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love this outfit... so much!

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happy memorial day for you too,

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I love your make up, your shoes and... I love your style :D

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ELLE Thank you!! :)