Thank you, Raya!!

What a lovely surprise to find this afternoon on Raya's blog. (I'm #3!)
Thank you for the wonderful shout out/feature. And to be among the best!! What you said really warmed my heart and made me smile 10 times over! ♥
The Collage:

What She Said:

3) Fashion Chalet: This girl is the sweetest bloginista. Not only does she have her free spirit style down to a T, she even has time to ensure you get a comment back from her. Her inspiration boards are by far the best ones I have seen, and let me just tell you, if you are in a fashion funk her creations will get you feelin' groovy once again.

source: you're so fetch

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Obat kutil kelamin 01/18/2015 16:43

brunettes do look good in hats for some reason and you looks way better in it than Rachel, seriously

Nita-Karoliina 08/15/2008 03:30

and shes so true. you are a sweet heart <3 and gongrats for that. you earned that!

Blicious 08/14/2008 16:23

YAY! love your blog!

autumn 08/14/2008 14:12

i've read that. congrats. you deserve more. lol. but really, you deserve it. you're such a sweetheart. couldn't agree more with what she said. =]

Beka 08/14/2008 11:30

That's awesome! My favorite bloggers get the credit they deserve!!!